Advertise on Thriving Canine Radio

Thriving Canine Radio is a dog talk internet-radio station for dog-lovers dedicated to broadcasting helpful tips and insightful information so that our listeners can experience a better life with their dogs! Thriving Canine Radio has listeners tuning in from over 43 countries around the globe and our listenership continues to climb as our programming expands to include more celebrities and canine experts.

Your 45-60 second commercial is guaranteed to run at least 3 times a day or approximately 90 times in a 30 day period. If you have a website, your logo will also be displayed on Thriving Canine Radio's website with a back-link to your website which improves your company's internet searchability (SEO). Due to the nature of our programming, our advertisers appreciate our targeted market of dog-loving listeners to present their dog-related products and/or services.


Radio Station Advertising Packages

3 Month Starter:New Commercials

All new advertisers will start off with this package as the price includes an hour’s worth of creative development assistance to produce an appealing commercial.

  • $300.00 for 3 months: $200.00 upfront payment and $50.00 payments in months 2 and 3
  • Commercial guaranteed to run at least 3 times a day everyday for 3 months
  • Logo placement with a link to company website as long as commercial is running on Thriving Canine Radio


Month 4 and Beyond:Existing Commercials

Existing advertisers can continue to have their commercials air 3 times a day for a discounted rate.

  • $80.00 per month: Automatic withdraw via PayPal will be set up and advertisers can cancel at any time. Cancelations do require a 15 day notice via email.